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We include transport by air, land, and sea of commodities, together with the delivery of goods as products reach their final destinations via our comprehensive shipping network. Some of our services include mining materials warehouse, regular air shipments management and shipping delivery from Europe, and inbound merger services for multi-vendor customers. We do offer US services as well as standard processing facilities. Products of customs linked warehousing.










Benefits of Warehousing & Distribution Services

  • Cost-Effective: Partnering with a third-party logistics partner (3PL) like Global Shipping Services rather than hiring, training and sustaining your own logistics team is more cost-effective, not only because of the cost of salaries and overhead but also because of the 3PL’s ability to quickly find the most cost-effective and convenient logistics solutions.
  • Existing Network of Valuable Carrier Relationships: A third party logistics partner has an existing network of valuable relationships with carriers and providers which gives you more storage options and opportunities for a wider distribution network that includes local expertise.
  • Experienced & Certified Personnel: 3PL partners have trained and certified personnel to manage your products. Some of them have employees with decades of experience in the shipping industry, making them experts in the best practices for warehousing and shipping around the world.
  • Agility: Markets are always changing. Whether there’s a new market opportunity for a product, a market becomes less profitable due to taxation, or you experience fluctuations in demand, a company needs to adapt to take care of their bottom line. With a knowledgeable and experienced third party logistics partner, you can quickly shift gears and change your shipping and distribution routes as the market demands.

Why Use BluestarXpress as Your Partner?

BluestarXpress Services provides loading, unloading and delivery services as well as management of just-in-time inventory and inbound and outbound consolidation services. As the name implies, we have a BluestarXpress network of contacts around the world that allows us to provide effective warehousing and distribution solutions through local networks. We also provide access to real-time tracking and status information for any cargo that is stored in our warehouses at any time through our online portal.